Snow Creek Ranch Offers
Paleo Tracks Survival Classes

This unique survival workshop will teach you the tools and methodologies of fire making – from primitive survival fire making using primitive technologies, to modern fire making, utilizing modersn survival techniques.

Additional Skills Include:

  • What it takes to carry fire over great distances
  • Protecting fire from the elements in a survival situation
  • Use of fire as a tool to make countless additional survival resources


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Your Coach & Mentor – Donny Dust

Let the man who has spent countless days alone in the wilds of the world, living off the land teach you the very same fire making methodologies he has employed to stay alive in survival situations.

Each student will leave more competent in their fire making abilities, with a deeper connection to the land and the fire making resources around them.
You’ll also build your own one-of-a-kind, primitive fire making kit to take home with you.


Book Today: email and put “Fire,” in the subject line, or
Call 760-333-9111 and book over the phone.