Vote for Your Favorite Sculpture!

Win a Chance to Take Home 6LBS World Famous Steak Burger!

We’re establishing a rotating exhibit of sculptures at Snow Creek Ranch, and we need your help to choose the first piece. Our good friend, Mark Giovanni is a sculptor and architect in Colorado Springs. He will soon be displaying a rotating selection of individual works at the Ranch and we just can’t decide which of his innovative, beautiful installations to display first!

You can help us out by selecting one of these 3 beautiful pieces to start with!

If you choose the winning piece, you get a shot at taking home a package of our World-Famous Steak Burger.

Just fill out the short form below the photos to let us know your selection!
Voting Closes October 18th!

International Space Station
Dimensions: 6’X6’X16′
Medium: Steel
Study in gravitational balance.

Deer Family
She Stole My Heart
Medium: Steel

Dimensions: 4’X2’X9′
Medium: Steel
Mama owl sits perched above her egg that is nestled in the tree.
Sculpture survey