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Colorado’s Premier Spot for Green Weddings

Celebrate Your Marriage Day
with An Eco Friendly Wedding

We have everything you need to help you plan and execute a magical, memorable rustic green wedding, from sustainable design and rentals, to delicious locally sourced food prepared by our catering partners.

Our dedicated team will help to arrange our spacious open floor plan to meet your needs, creating a warm atmosphere and welcoming backdrop for your family, friends and loved ones. With our flexibility and attention to detail, you can truly relax and enjoy the Colorado-style, eco friendly wedding of your dreams.


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Please see our traditional weddings page for information on pricing, capacity and available packages and specials,
or call Michelle at 844-34-ANGUS (844-342-6487) x 501 or email Events@SnowCreek-Ranch.Com.

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I wanted to say thank you so very much for helping to make our day happen. Even with the unexpected weather, the staff helped so much to make to day special. All of our family and friends commented on how wonderful you guys were and how beautiful the ranch was (even though there was thunder and lightning 😉 ). I am truly so grateful that I found you and appreciate all you did for us. I have already referred two friends!



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Green Wedding Services with a Negative Carbon Footprint

Sustainability is a top priority for us, so we consciously go the extra mile to drastically reduce your event’s waste and overall carbon emissions, working hard to implement the 3 Rs for your sustainable green weddings

How We Reduce

Locally Sourced Food – One of the most important ways we reduce our footprint is by encouraging our vendors to use as much locally sourced food and materials as possible, including our own world-famous, organically raised, free range beef from our family owned farm – Snow Creek Ranch Steaks.

Our caterers are also encouraged to purchase locally sourced produce from our farmers market partners and other local businesses. Sourcing locally means your food is not being shipped hundreds of miles, reducing the overall carbon footprint of your green wedding by burning less fuel to bring it to your table.

Comprehensive Composting Program – We engage in a comprehensive composting program. Caterers and vendors are encouraged to use paper flatware rather than plastic and to compost food waste as well, keeping tons of food from entering the waste stream and contributing to the negative carbon footprint of your wedding.

Non-Toxic Cleaning Products – Whenever possible we utilize non-toxic green or eco friendly cleaning supplies.

Water Wise Sanitation Facilities – In addition, we provide water-wise portable toilet facilities and handwashing stations.

Green wedding services have become increasingly popular over the last years, but few are as conscientious and committed to sustainability and stewardship.

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How We Reuse

Reclaimed Cross & Wedding Arch – Among our most unique rustic green wedding amenities is the removable rugged wooden cross, hand-crafted by our great friends at Story Barns. Put together from reclaimed timber sourced from the mountain cabin of former Colorado poet laureate & journalist, Thomas Hornsby, it’s a way to bring a little Denver-style poetry to your green wedding.

Antique & Upcycled Furniture – Our bridesmaids & groomsmens stables are furnished with a classy, eclectic blend of furniture from the victorian & wild west eras, accents & decor from our ranch & the striking creations of our design partner, A Berry in the Wild.

Restored & Repurposed Building – The building containing our bridesmaid and groomsmens lofts is an active, rustic horse stable.

Repurposed & Redesigned Decor – Whenever possible, we reuse decor from the ranch, previous events & weddings.

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How We Recycle

Recycling is a very important element of your eco friendly wedding. Our green wedding services utilize on-site composting & site-sorted recycling. Our goal is to reduce as much as 90% of your event-generated waste, which would otherwise end up in the Douglas County landfill.

Please see our traditional weddings page for information
on pricing, capacity and available packages and specials, or
call Michelle at 844-34-ANGUS (844-342-6487) x 501 or email Events@SnowCreek-Ranch.Com.

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Eco Friendly Weddings at Snow Creek Larkspur – A Beautifully Sustainable Choice

As a proud member of the Douglas County business community, Snow Creek Larkspur proudly meets or exceeds all land use requirements as set forth in the Douglas County Comprehensive Master Plan, including:

  • Waste disposal
  • Water usage
  • Roadway usage to mitigate impact of increased usage
  • Land use intensity
  • Noise & water pollution
  • Landscaping, buffering & screening

Sustainability & Stewardship

Our ranch serves multiple purposes, being an active family-owned horse ranch and environmentally responsible boarding facility as well as a wedding and events facility. All of these functions work in harmony to provide a low water use profile, as well as a negative carbon footprint.

Your Ranch Rental fee includes a complimentary 3-month membership in Beef Champion – our exclusive, members-only club for lovers of our own truly gourmet, pasture-raised and dry-aged Snow Creek Ranch Black Angus Beef.

Find out more about the Beef Champion program here: Beef.SnowCreek-Ranch.Com/Beef-Champion

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