Breaking In Our New Farm Wedding Venue

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Colorado-style congratulations are definitely in order!


Recently, Chad and Ashleigh became the first couple to tie the knot in a beautiful ceremony at Snow Creek Larkspur, our new rustic farm wedding venue. It was a stunning day, with the sun beaming down over the 118 guests who gathered at our 30-plus acre working ranch to celebrate the couple’s nuptials over the weekend.

Chad and Ashleigh’s families arrived on Friday to help get the place gussied up for a truly memorable farm wedding. The venue looked as spectacular as the bride and groom after the main building was spruced up with tablecloths, centerpieces, decorative lights, and other flourishes.

Our First Rustic Farm Wedding

Friday evening – after pitching in with the decor and preparations – Ashleigh and Chad’s families, close friends, and assorted loved ones sat down to enjoy their rehearsal dinner, a casual Tex-Mex affair. The dinner was held in the Front Barn near the front of the property, featuring an amazing view of Spruce Mountain Open Space, and the Rocky Mountain Front Range.

The bridal party reminisced happily about their pom-pom days together over San Antonio style chili con queso and fiery green chili, while enjoying cocktails served from the antique-sided wooden bar brought in especially for the occasion.

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Memorable Rustic Farm Wedding Decor

The Outdoor Wedding Chapel, which includes a rough-hewn cross and arch beautifully framing a view of Raspberry Butte, was draped in white tulle for the ceremony. The father of the groom created striking DIY lighting for the dining room, and the wedding path was adorned with a runner and sprinkled with real rose petals. The preparations created a combination of decor and scenery only possible at farm weddings in Colorado, and particularly unique to Snow Creek Larkspur.

Wedding Day Excitement

On Saturday the families arrived early to take photos and to make final preparations for the late afternoon ceremony. Onsite coordinator Laurie Adams was on hand to ensure that the entire event went as smoothly and romantically as possible, and to attend to any last minute needs of the bride and groom.
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At 5 o’clock, the father of the bride walked Ashleigh down the Bridal Path to our wedding arch, where the groom waited with his groomsmen and the bridesmaids. The family looked on as Chad and Ashleigh were joined together in matrimony.

After the ceremony, the guests took their chairs into the barn for the reception where all enjoyed Bar-B-Q, dancing and cocktails.

“It was a magical evening of soft breezes and fun, with old friends reconnecting to celebrate the joining of two beautiful families. It was especially fun watching the girls dance in formation – reuniting their pom-pom squad on the dance floor.”

~ Laurie Adams, Event Coordinator

All in all, we couldn’t be more thrilled with how well the event turned out. It was a beatiful weekend of fun, family, food, and most importantly love!

The farm was so beautiful and the day so spectacular. Everyone had a great time and Chad and Ashleigh are such a beautiful couple. Thanks to everyone at Snow Creek Larkspur for making the wedding such a joy.”

~ Ashleigh’s Mother

And we don’t like to really brag on ourselves too much, but working closely with the family, we were able to make this one of the most beautiful, tasteful and memorable, but still relatively cheap farm weddings we’ve ever seen. It was a privilege and a treat to be a part of!

Don’t forget, the ranch at Snow Creek Larkspur is also available to host your rustic event, corporate retreat, or school barn dance.
For information, to inquire about rates, or to reserve one of the most stunning rustic farm wedding venues in Colorado, call Laurie Adams at 303-875-7285, or email