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Last Minute Wedding Planning

10 Last Minute Wedding Planning Tips to Make Your Big Day Go Smoothly

Whether you’re planning a last minute wedding because you just can’t wait to get married, because you’re on a relatively tight budget, or because you don’t want to make your big day into a big ptroduction, there are still plenty of ways to have a nice, classy, memorable wedding without spending a fortune.
Here at Snow Creek Larkspur we’re proud to provide all the resources you might need to make your day a success! From the rugged natural beauty of our rustic wedding venue, to the most delicious farm to table catering option available in the Denver and Castle Rock area, we have you covered.


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Last Minute Wedding Planning Guide

To help you transform your beautiful dream into an amazing reality we’ve put together this short guide to help you plan your wedding in 30 days (or less!).

If you’re tasked with planning a wedding in 30 days, you’ll be facing some challenges you need to address in a timely manner, without busting your budget. We understand that even if you only have a few weeks to get it together, this is still one of the biggest days of your life. These tips will help you make it one of the best!

  1. Take care of the legal stuff as soon as you decide to get married – In Colorado, as long as you are over 18, you can get your marriage license in any Colorado County Clerk’s office. It can then be used in any county in the state. Both applicants will have to appear at the courthouse in person to sign the application and to show proof of their ages. Your license is valid for 35 days.
  2. Hat Secure a Venue – One of the biggest hurdles to pulling off last minute weddings is finding a venue that is beautiful, affordable, and that isn’t booked. That’s why you should get started on the booking process for your wedding as soon as you can. Believe it or not there are still beautiful traditional and non-traditional wedding venues available if you know where to look. At the last minute, you may need to move your wedding to a Friday evening or Sunday afternoon to secure a venue, but call 303-875-7285 as soon as you can for pricing, and to get this process started!

  4. Griller - CopyGet Catering Set Up – If your wedding dinner is served on time and is delicious, your guests will remember and reminisce about it for years. It’s one of the most important elements of your day! Our onsite catering company, The Roving Rooster specializes in creating unique, delicious, farm to table fare for every budget and type of event. Whether you’re interested in hand-passed hors d’oeuvres, a dessert buffet or a full service sit down meal, call Chef Laurie at 303-875-7285 today for menu inspiration, pricing, and scheduling.
  5. Secure an Officiant – In Colorado, once you’ve secured your marriage license, your marriage must be ‘solemnized,’ in a religious or civil ceremony and the certificate registered with the Clerk and Recorder of your county. For a traditional wedding, this will be your minister, preacher, or priest. Remember your minister has a life too! Talk with him as soon as you have your date and venue nailed down to make ensure he can accomodate you in his schedule. If you’re truly in a last minute pinch (the whole point of this post!), a judge of the court or a retired judge can also perform the ceremony, and you can have a separate traditional ceremony in your church at a more convenient time.
  6. Hire a Photographer – Wedding photographers can be busy and often book up to a year in advance, so this can be a challenge. Once again, Snow Creek Larkspur can help you with this issue. We have access to a number of talented photographers (just take a look at these gorgeous shots!) to take photos of your last minute wedding. Local college art departments are another resource, as they will often be able to schedule a last minute shoot, may be very affordable, and may come up with very creative and unusual treatments for your wedding photos.
  7. Get Your Dress Off the Rack – More and more brides these days are looking for a more laid-back, low stress wedding day. That includes not going into deep debt for a custom wedding dress, along with the worry that it won’t be ready on time. And alterations can be both time consuming and costly. A beautiful off the rack dress is a great option that will save the bride both time and money.
  8. BarnPlan Your Guest List – When planning a wedding in 30 days or less, you’ll probably be forced to keep your guest list fairly small. This will allow you to control costs, and will make planning the entire event – from renting tables and equipment, to planning the dinner and reception – easier and less stressful. Plus, a small wedding is intimate and memorable, with more time for you to mingle with your guests. Keep your list to family members and your very best friends. Send out a formal wedding announcement featuring a beautiful photo to everyone you know later. To include a large crowd in your celebration, organize a big reception or party when you have more time.
  9. Travel & Guest Lodging – Make it easy for people to come to your wedding celebration by choosing a convenient location. Snow Creek Larkspur is less than an hour from both Denver and Colorado Springs, Just off I-25, making it an ideal location for your last minute wedding with easy access to DIA and Colorado Springs Airport, as well as a wide variety of lodging options.

And remember: We are also available to host your corporate retreat, school function, or special event.

For information, to inquire about farm to table catering, or to schedule your last minute wedding, call Laurie Adams at 303-875-7285, or email