Farm to Table Dining Events at the Ranch

Phun. Phresh. Philosophical.

Farm to Table Dining Events

Rising in parallel with the explosion in the number and quality of farmers markets, over the last several years farm to table dining has become one of the most popular (and tasty!) trends to hit the food industry. Inspired by the idea that people are tired of eating food that’s been heavily processed, shipped thousands of miles – and engineered for endurance rather than grown for flavor – farm to table dining emphases fresh, delicious ingredients, prepared simply.

The idea is that keeping the journey of your food from harvest to table as short as possible leads to tastier, healthier meals, and that the processes of growing and getting it to your home leave a small environmental footprint on our planet.

At Snow Creek Larkspur, we’re proud to be a part of this exciting movement! Also known as farm to fork, locavore, and slow food, we believe the philosophy behind farm to table is one of the most powerful ways for us to come together as a community, celebrate our blessings, and to act as good stewards of Creation.

The Philosophy of Farm to Table

Dining has always been more of a philosophical act than we often give it credit for. By intentionally buying your food directly from producers (rather than from a supermarket) your actions have a direct and positive impact, not only on the flavor of the food you’re eating (which is so much more delicious than what you usually get with mass-produced processed food), but also on the ability of small farmers and ranchers to stay afloat, your own health medicines and so much more.



Benefits of the Farm to Table Style of Eating

  • Your food is locally or regionally grown – Harvested locally and closer to peak ripeness, farm to table meat and vegetables pack a powerful flavor punch.
  • Good for our planet – Local food requires less shipping and travel time, using less fuel to get to your table, and producing less pollution on the way as well.
  • Local food, local economy – Supporting your local farmers helps to create a strong network of farms, suppliers, restaurants and caterers, and other small businesses. When you keep money in the local economy, it’s you, your friends and neighbors who benefit.
  • Healthier families and Children – Meat and vegetables harvested locally undergo less processing, and need fewer chemicals to keep them fresh, so your food is not only safer and healthier, but tastier as well.



We got so inspired by these benefits that we decided to fire up the grill and start our own farm to table event series here at the ranch in Larkspur.

Working with our onsite catering partner Laurie Adams of The Roving Rooster, we’ve created a series of farm to table events that put a spotlight on the farm to table concept, featuring our very own Snow Creek Ranch beef, local or regional produce, and showcasing Chef Laurie’s creative flair and kitchen skills.

Our goal is in part to demonstrate that farm to table dining doesn’t mean that a great chef can’t get creative when it’s time to plan a menu and prepare the food. As an example, take a look at our first farm to table dining event of the season.


Twilight at the Barn

A Magical Marriage of Food, Surroundings & People

Our first farm to table event is coming up in just a couple of weeks on June 17th! It’s a Brazilian-inspired menu with 5 delicious courses, South American wine pairings. Check out our menu and purchase a ticket here. Set at twilight among the beautiful sights and sounds of our family farm, it will be a rustic, romantic evening – perfect for a date night, or the capper to a fun day in the country!

Eventbrite - Farm to Table Dinner – Twilight @ the Barn: A Traditional Gaucho Grill

It will be a great time to celebrate the bounty of the land, bask in the beauty of Creation, and appreciate the blessings of our friends, neighbors, and loved ones.


A Family Tradition

Our family was actually living out some of farm to table ideas even before they became so cool. At our family ranch out in Coffeeville, Kansas, Grandpa and Grandma have been raising beef and bringing it to the table through farmers markets for years. We have a small herd and raise them essentially free-range, and feed them grass. Instead of selling them to beg meat processors, we bring them to market ourselves and sell them at farmers markets around the Denver metro area.

Cutting out the middlemen, like big processors and shipping companies allows us to take better care of the cows, live sustainably on the land, and deliver the most delicious beef around directly to our customers.

Don’t forget, the ranch at Snow Creek Larkspur is also available to host your country wedding, corporate retreat, or special event (like the Enchanted Forest Prom we hosted in May!).

For information, to inquire about rates, or to find out how we can help make your event a resounding success, call Laurie Adams at 303-875-7285, or email