Catch a Summer Breeze at the Ranch!

Enjoy Our First Farm to Table Colorado Event of the Season

After our successful season of Colorado farm to table events in 2016, we’re taking the whole program up a notch this summer, with new partners, new farm to table food, and a renewed sense of purpose and fun. Our goal is to share our love of farm to table dining with you to create an even more inspiring dining experience.

One of the most exciting developments for 2017 is our new partnership with a deliciously unique event catering company – A Taste of My Kitchen.

Husband and wife Chef team Tussaint McPherson and Jessica Hall create the perfect fusion of Caribbean and Coloradan cuisines by applying culinary techniques learned in Tussaint’s native Jamaica to locally grown, farm to table food, including seasonal produce and Snow Creek Ranch beef.

Our Farm to Table, Colorado-Focused Menu for June

Here’s the menu for our first farm to table dinner of the 2017 season, Summer Breeze – Friday June 23rd, 5PM – 9PM.

Each course will feature a curated wine pairing.

Blackberry Bliss – blackberries, mint, vodka, and champagne served over ice
Duck Confit – Fig Jam, Wheat Crisp
Smash Avocado – Mango Lime Salsa, Toast Point
Roasted Bone Marrow – Braised Beef Tongue, Onion Marmalade, Ciabbatta
Spring Citrus Salad – local Greens, Shallots, White Balsamic
Snow Creek Farm Tri Tip – Pimento Rub, Smashed Potatoes, Grilled Asparagus, Onion Crisp, Oven-Roasted Tomatoes, Tia -Maria Sauce
Strawberry Citrus Cake – Rhubarb Compote, Lime-Marinated Strawberries, Delicately Spiced Cream

Get your Tickets Now!

Friday, June 23rd, 2017 from 5PM to 9PM
Breeze – a locally sourced, globally inspired evening in the barn.
$115 per person

Eventbrite - Farm to Table Dinner – June

Rising Stars in Colorado’s Farm to Table Scene

Chef Tussaint McPherson has a passion for creating exciting dishes. As a young man working alongside his father – an Executive Chef in Negril, Jamaica, Chef Tussaint was introduced to the joy of working with fresh, local ingredients.

Inspired by Jamaican cuisine and culinary techniques, Chef Tussaint began his journey to Executive Chef at Kenilworth Heart Academy in Jamaica, where he graduated with Honors. His next stop on this path was at Sandals Resort, followed by training in international cuisine with the Royal Caribbean Cruise Line, and a productive and exciting stint as Chef Supervisor at The Couples Swept Away Resorts.

After several years in the five star, five diamond hotel Broadmoor, Chef Tussaint brings inspiration and unique Jamaican style to his private kitchen, creating Caribbean-inspired dishes with a personal touch.

Chef Jessica Hall-McPherson is a Colorado native who caught the spirit for cooking as a young girl. With both sides of her family owning and operating bakeries and restaurants, Chef Jessica was introduced to a wide variety of food and cuisines – from classical Italian dishes, to southern comfort food favorites.

Chef Jessica’s family’s love for food inspired her to pursue a degree in culinary arts and hospitality. After graduating from the program, Chef Jessica worked for over 15 years in the fine dining restaurants of the Hotel Broadmoor, where she cooked her way up to Sous Chef.

While at the Broadmoor, Jessica met and formed a lifelong business, creative and personal partnership with Chef Tussaint, with whom she works as a private chef. Her specialty is using the freshest, locally grown ingredients to create personalized dishes for delighted clients.

Together, Chefs Tussaint and Jessica operate a private chef and event catering business, supporting local businesses and farms by cooking with locally grown, seasonal produce and ingredients to create a singular fusion of Colorado and Caribbean cuisines.

Farm to table Colorado Activities

Besides our delicious farm to table food, we’ll also be offering some fun activities to check out while you’re at the ranch.

  • Ranch Poker – Know when to hold ‘em and know when to fold ‘em! Win our Poker Package of delicious Snow Creek Ranch Beef.
  • Ride Our Horses – Discover the power and joy of horseback riding as you take a canter around our small arena, supervised by one of our great horseback riding lesson instructors!
  • Feed the Chickens – Because Snow Creek Larkspur is a working ranch, we have about 3-dozen chickens, and they love it when our guests help out by tossing them some scratch. If you get lucky you may even get to pet or hold one! They’re so cute and cuddly!
  • Meet the Residents – Get to know our horse, Pirate, our pony, Henry and our miniature Indian steer, Pepperoni. You can pet and feed many of our animals as you explore the ranch and mingle with fellow farm to table diners.
  • Walking Tour of the Ranch – Ever wonder what goes on behind the scenes at a working ranch? Now you can find out! Michelle leads a short walking tour of the property, introducing you to some of the fun facts and facets of life down on the farm, as well as our rustic traditional wedding chapel. You’ll learn about our chickens (layers, not fryers!), what it’s like to run the ranch, and our mouth watering beef.

    On the last stop of the tour, you’ll have the opportunity to purchase your favorite steaks, roasts and burgers, frozen and ready for your grill or freezer.

    Remember to watch your step – this is a working horse ranch after all! – and bring your signature cocktail along for the stroll!

  • Hay Ride – All aboard our vintage, 1950s hay wagon for a leisurely ride around the property. You’ll get an overview of the ranch, a good look at the beautiful horses, and a spectacular view of Raspberry Butte, Pike’s Peak, and the southern foothills.

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Friday, September 8th, 2017 from 5PM to 9PM
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Our calendar is filling up fast, so if you want to book a corporate event, wedding, school or church function, or private party, email Matt Dempsey today
or call 303-229-9382.

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