Farm and Fork @ the Farm


Farm & Fork @ the Farm
Farm & Fork @ the Farm

Few things in life are more delicious and wholesome than a tomato or pepper plucked fresh from your garden – paired with grass-fed, dry-aged beef from Snow Creek Ranch – and prepared with much love just for you. Add in a convivial atmosphere, surrounded by friends new and old, with stunning panoramic views in every direction, and all the vital elements are present for one of the most memorable meals of your life.

This feeling is the inspiration behind Farm and Fork at Snow Creek Larkspur. Inspired by the beauty and bounty of our farm, we sought out one of the most creative and skilled chefs in Colorado to help us launch our farm dinner events.

With two events scheduled for this year, you have your choice of a South American barn adventure when you attend our Traditional Gaucho Grill, or a Sunday Picnic at the farm when you attend our Farm and Blanket event later in the summer.

Upcoming Farm to Fork events


Sunday, August 14th, 2016 from 2PM to 630PM
Farm & Blanket: A Family Picnic @ the Farm
$65 per person

It’s a good, old-fashioned Sunday family picnic! Enjoy house-made Snow Creek Ranch sliders hot off the grill, and a picnic basket we pack just for you. Stop by the lemonade stand (adult and child stands provided) to cool down with that cool refreshing drink. It’s the last big blowout of the summer before the kids head back to school. Food, friends, and fun with activities and farm animals. BYOB – Bring Your Own Blanket and a bottle of wine to pair with your picnic.

Our self guided walking tour will take you from the city asphalt to Colorado’s beautiful open space. You are invited to feed the chickens, pet the horses, and enjpy appetizers and a starter drink. Boots required -no kidding.

We also offer a complementary hay ride, from the parking area to the barn, on our antique 1930’s Sears and Roebuck hay wagon. Enjoy the alluring views of Southern Douglas County with its pine covered buttes and wide open sky.

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What is Farm to Fork Dining?

Also referred to as the farm to table, slow food, or locavore movement, Farm and Fork dining is one of the most popular, healthy, and sustainable food trends to hit the world of food in the last few years. It’s based on the idea that the longer the time between the farm and your fork, the lower the overall quality of the produce.

At Snow Creek Larkspur, that means you’re getting the freshest, tastiest produce around – much of it grown and harvested locally at Mazotti Farms or Miller Farms, and prepared by our very own onsite farm to table caterers, Chefs Tussaint and Jessica of A Taste of My Kitchen. Chef Tussaint brings to the table her penchant for fresh, seasonal and local ingredients along with innovative menus – all prepared, presented and served with mouth-watering flair. With a focus on honest, passionate, progressive food, A Taste of My Kitchen is available for your traditional wedding, rustic event venue, school function or Church gathering.

Gourmet Beef, Direct from the Kopriva Family Farm

How do we know that every savory cut of meat we serve is as delicious as possible? Because we raise it ourselves on the Kopriva family ranch outside Coffeyville Kansas. Our methods are a little old-fashioned, but we think it’s important to raise our animals in an ethical and environmentally sound way.

But best of all, because they’re not pumped full of hormones, antibiotics and drugs, the beef is simply delicious – so tender your steak cuts like a hot knife through butter.

Find out more about Snow Creek Ranch Beef.

Farm to Fork Dinners at the Barn

The Kopriva family barn is a beautiful and rustic location for your farm to fork dinner, event or wedding. With seating and facilities for up to 100 of your closest friends, we invite you to dine in classic yet quirky western ambiance, surrounded by livery and joined by our adorable kitties.

Why Have Your Farm to Fork Dinner at Snow Creek Larkspur?

  • Provide Good Stewardship Over God’s Creation – Delicious, locally sourced produce is a great way to cut down on the environmental impact caused by shipping fruits and vegetables hundreds or thousands of miles, across county, state, and even international borders.

    WWJE (What Would Jesus Eat)? Probably local food!

  • It’s Great for Our Local Economy – Supporting local growers means you’re helping to sustain local companies and keep your neighbors in business. We buy local because it keeps almost twice as much money in our own community as purchasing produce at a chain.
  • It’s Downright Delicious – Healthy beef, raised on grass, grain-finished and encouraged to roam the range the way God intended, makes for thick, juicy, perfectly-marbled steaks.
  • It’s Wholesome, Healthy & Nutritious! – Because farm to table cuisine is picked fresh and prepared from scratch, it’s generally better for you and your family than conventionally procured food. That’s because conventional produce is often picked before it can completely ripen and absorb nutrients, making it more hearty for transportation, but less nutritious when it gets to your table.

For more information on farm and fork dining, call Chef Laurie at 303-875-7285, or email farmandfork@snowcreeklarkspur.com.

*Chef Laurie is a certified gluten-free chef, educated at the University of Bologna in Italy.