A Dinner at the Farm Plus Trick Riding on Horses

So here’s some exciting farm news that’s going to have some fun effects on our upcoming dinners at the farm, as well as our equine service offerings.

Emily Richards, a Larkspur-based professional rider and instructor is adding her trick riding skills to our rustic weddings and events venue. The name of Emily’s company is Hoof Beats Theatre and she specializes in horse tricks, stunts, equine education and entertainment (equine edutainment?), and provides other services, some of which involve trick riding on horses and and some of which don’t.

So you probably know that we already have a fantastic crew of great riding instructors working with us. The reason we’re highlighting Emily in this month’s blog post is that she and one of her horses will be performing for us at Friday’s Happy Hour, and at our upcoming farm to table dinner on September 8th.

More Than Just Horse Tricks – Meet Emily

Emily founded Hoof Beats in 2011 with the goal of producing high quality entertainment. But more importantly, she wanted to help people forge powerful, meaningful connections with horses.

To accomplish her goal, Emily works to establish trusting, respectful relationships with her horses, and to explore their artistic nature.

Education is just as important to fulfilling Emily’s mission as entertainment, so in addition to performing at shows in the Denver and Colorado Springs areas, she offers clinics, lessons, and training shows as well.

Eventbrite - Farm to Table Dinner – September

An Autumn-Inspired Dinner at the Farm – Pamper Your Inner Beefaholic

We’re proud and excited to be welcoming Emily to our next dinner at the farm on September 8th.

This is going to be a truly special event, as we’ve put together an absolutely amazing combination of talent for what we think will be not only the most unique farm to table event we’ve presented, but one of the coolest and most exciting farm to table events in the Denver/Colorado Springs area.

To begin with, our surroundings are just breathtaking. You’ll be able to watch Emily perform her horse tricks against the backdrop of the Rocky Mountain foothills and majestic buttes, and under one of the most dramatic and beautiful skies anywhere.

The menu for the evening has been lovingly crafted by Jessica and Tussaint McPherson of A Taste of My Kitchen.

And of course, Michelle, Joe, and Travitt will be be on hand to show off the ranch, help you get acquainted with Charlie and Pepperoni, and to make sure the evening is safe and enjoyable for everyone.

A (Very) Brief History of Horse Trick Riding

The tradition of trick riding on horses dates back hundreds of years, to the Cossack armies of Russia, who mastered the art of using horse tricks to hide from their enemies. Many skilled horsemen migrated from Russia to the US in the early 20th century, and worked as cowboys and rodeo riders.

American movie fans really fell in love with the art of trick riding on horses when directors of American westerns began to include more and more challenging horse tricks in their movies.

There are many types of horse tricks and variations of stunts. Each rider forges her individual style, based on the type of riding they specialize in. Emily specializes in strap tricks, but is almost equally skilled in vaults. Some of her favorite stunts include the forward fender, the one-foot drag and spin the horn.

Because it can be dangerous, trick riding on horses is no longer a competitive rodeo event, although many performers still work the circuit. Other riders, like Emily have made therapy and education their mission, helping the public to understand the power and beauty of this art form, and the deep connection a rider often forges with her horse.

Emily offers clinics and performances at events and festivals throughout Colorado.

For her appearances at Snow Creek Larkspur’s dinners at the farm, Emily and one of her horses will be greeting guests before the event and hay ride, then presenting a short program of horse tricks just before twilight, when we serve dinner. Then, you’ll have the opportunity to meet Emily and her horses after her performance!

Tickets are available through September 4th, so be sure to order yours today!
Email Travitt or call 303-915-5892.

Eventbrite - Farm to Table Dinner – September

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