How to Create a Country Wedding On a Budget


Planning Your Budget Country Wedding

Even though wedding season for 2016 is starting to wind down, that doesn’t mean you have to stop thinking about how to keep the budget for your big day under control. Planning a country wedding on a budget that’s still classy, fun and memorable is all about being creative, having fun, and paying attention to the details.

That’s where Snow Creek Larkspur comes in. We have the resources to help you put together a beautiful traditional country wedding that’s budget-conscious without sacrificing the romance and magic that make a wedding one of the most exciting days of your life.

Plan Early to Keep Costs for Your Gorgeous Day Under Control

Set your budget early – When it comes to a big day like your wedding, it really does pay to plan ahead. And the very first thing you need to knock if your to-do list is the budget. A country wedding can rack up a pretty big bill pretty quickly, so to keep your costs under control you should start thinking right away about where you can save a few bucks, and where you want to splurge.

Our recommendation for a great splurge is catering with A Taste of My Kitchen. Chef Tussaint specializes in creative cuisine and will help you design a uniquely delicious farm to table menu for your reception and/or your rehearsal dinner. Feel free to browse our mouth-watering sample menus for some deliciously inspiring ideas.

Design and make your own fun save the date announcements, invitations and place cards – Some judicious Googling will lead you to hundreds of beautiful, free, or inexpensive templates and patterns you can download and customize, using tools that you probably already have on your computer, like Microsoft Word or Google Docs. Mac users have access to dozens of attractive invitation and postcard templates in Pages, which can be tweaked, personalized, and printed up at your local printshop.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help – We’ll bet you have some talented friends and that many of them would be happy to lend a hand with setup, cleanup, or ushering, in lieu of an expensive gift.

Saving money on your budget country wedding can be both a priority and a fun challenge – Don’t think about the necessity of savings as a negative. Turn it into a friendly contest or a challenge between you and your spouse to see who can save the most. Divide up purchases that each of you will be responsible for and track your spending and savings on a spreadsheet. Whoever saved the most gets a reward. And you’re married now, so the reward can be as wild or as mild as you like!

Reserve your venue early, and don’t feel sheepish about shopping around – But seriously, once you visit us and tour our breathtaking property, we’re confident you won’t want to tie the knot anywhere else.

Use your free resources – Whoever came up with that bit about “something borrowed,” must have had to plan a country wedding on a budget at some point. Do you belong to a church? They probably have several of the items you may need to make your wedding a memorable one, such as based for your flowers, baskets, decorations, punch bowls, and so forth.

Do you have a friend who’s a DJ? Hit them up to volunteer to spin some tunes. How about an artsy college-age niece or nephew? They may be happy to help out with photography or shooting video. Is your sister a hairdresser? Maybe she can help with your hair and makeup.

Don’t be shy about reaching out to your friends and family. Most likely they’ll be more than happy to play a bigger role in the excitement.

Don’t sweat the small stuff – And don’t try to handle all the details yourself on your wedding day. Your’re going to be emotional and have a lot of items on your plate, so make sure you have someone available to take control of the details on your Big Day.

Snow Creek Larkspur is happy to provide an onsite coordinator to help make sure your flowers are placed correctly, the decorations are in order, and your guests are welcomed with open arms.

And remember: Snow Creek Larkspur is also available to host your corporate retreat, or special event (like our amazing homeschool prom bard dance!).

For information, to inquire about farm to table catering, or to purchase tickets to our next event, call Laurie Adams at 303-875-7285, or email