The Best Farm to Table Experience in the Denver & Colorado Springs Areas

We’re all getting super excited about our upcoming September farm to table dinner near Denver. And two of the reasons we’re so jazzed about it are Tussaint and Jessica – the culinary masterminds who made our June and July farm to table events so delicious and fun.

We love to host farm dinners, traditional weddings and other events at the ranch because we get to try some tasty new ways to prepare our Snow Creek Ranch beef, learn about how to pair wine or beer with food, plus we get to meet some great new people.

Colorado Springs & Denver Farm to Table Fans Have Something to Get Excited About

We thought you’d like a chance to get to know Jessica and Tussaint, a little better in advance of our upcoming farm to table dinner on September 8th.

Jessica and Tussaint are partners in business, as well as in life – raising a child and running a business together. Their unique blend of Colorado and Jamaican influences makes A Taste of My Kitchen one of the more unusual catering operations in the area. They describe the company as a combination of Tussaint’s dream meeting Jessica’s vision, and they’ve begun to make a mark on the local scene as private chefs, and as a strongly service-oriented catering business.

So we sat down over wings and beers to chat about how they create their menus, where they get their ideas for menu items, and how their two cultures come together to bring something unexpectedly delicious to the Colorado Springs and Denver farm to table communities. They also told us about the history of their company.

Eventbrite - Farm to Table Dinner – September

Snow Creek Larkspur – Thanks for sitting down with us this evening guys. The menu looks amazing. How do you come up with all these interesting and fun menu items?

Jessica – When we’re creating a new menu, we look and focus first on two things: seasonality, and what the diners want.

Tussaint – Then Jessica and I talk for like, hours about what we want to do.

First, we usually have some idea about what the entree is going to be. For the dinner in September it’s going to be a Snow Creek Ranch sirloin. So once we know the main ingredient, then we can start talking about what cooking methods we want to use on it, and that will help us decide what the other dishes will be.

J– Yeah, so once we decide how we’re preparing the main course, we know what the basic texture of that dish will be, and then we can start to select the sides and so forth to complement that flavor and texture, and color.

Color and presentation are very important to how we work as well.

My husband and I believe that you eat with your eyes first, so we always work to present a beautiful plate.

We want to create an aesthetic balance on the plate.

SCL – Besides the sirloin, I noticed you were doing an appetizer with oxtail. I think that nose to tail hasn’t really fully caught on yet, even in the farm to table community in Denver. How do you incorporate that into menu planning and cooking?

J – Well, not a lot of catering folks around here use the whole animal. So it’s another way that we’re unique and different from the other caterers we run into.

T – We try to locate the flavor of the more unusual cut of beef…

J – Like the oxtail appetizer we’re doing in September…

T – Yeah, and then we use that flavor to hand-craft a richness and texture that you wouldn’t always expect. It’s like a braised stew like we have in Jamaica, but with Snow Creek Ranch’s grass-raised, dry-aged beef.

J – We think the average person might not have an opportunity to try it, but it’s really worth it because it’s so unique, and Tussaint brings so much of his personality and culture and childhood experience to it.

T – When I was growing up in Jamaica, farm to table was just life. We would get eggs for breakfast in the yard, and go down the street to get a goat from our neighbors for dinner. When it was time to have chicken, we used our own from the yard too.

So to me, this is just like my lifestyle. I’m bringing my lifestyle and my culture to people who may never have had a chance to learn about it, and to taste it before.

Eventbrite - Farm to Table Dinner – September

Vision & Dreams + Passion = Denver’s Best Farm to Table Dinners

SCL – Do you approach a farm to table dinner differently than you do for other events?

T – Yes, we focus more on making local ingredients the main stars of the dinner. And all natural ingredients as well.

J – Yeah, we focus on not using anything pre-processed, and we do all our cooking from scratch. Which is what we do anyway, but for these dinners it’s even more important to let people know that that’s what they’re getting, because that’s such an important part of the farm to table idea.

T – We think Snow Creek Larkspur holds the best farm to table dinners and happy hours around.

It’s a unique place, and you can tell everyone there is really passionate about the property and all the events you do. Just like us.

J – We put as much passion into our food as you guys put into your farm events.

SCL – You two have a really fun dynamic. How do you work together?

J – Well, this is kind of my husband’s dream and my vision.

T – Yes, I always wanted to bring this food to people who wouldn’t maybe know about it otherwise. And I always wanted to bring it to wherever they want it. To make a personalized dining experience more than just a catered dinner. Like in a park or a rural farm, or wherever!

J – I like to handle the look and feel of the event, and help make sure the plates look nice. Part of making the event a great experience for our clients is to make sure the ambience is as unique and fun as the food is.

You know, Tussaint and I put our hearts and souls into every dish.

You can taste the passion in every bite.

Tickets are available through September 4th, so be sure to order yours today!
Email Travitt or call 303-915-5892.

Eventbrite - Farm to Table Dinner – September

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