Why Choose to Host Your Barn Wedding in Colorado?

Sunlight peeking over the buttes. Rough-hewn wooden beams, draped with romantically twinkling strings of festive lights. A rustic chandelier, all nestled among acres of peaceful countryside, graced with stunning views of the southern Front Range. Today’s couples have changed the game when it comes to rustic weddings in Colorado.

The blank canvas of a beautiful barn wedding in Colorado is the perfect backdrop for the powerful sense of fun and authenticity modern brides and grooms are seeking for their big day. The combination of modern amenities, historical surroundings and rustic decor makes for an amazingly memorable destination wedding.


More Than Just a Trend

Just a few years ago, people thought barn, vintage, and country weddings were nothing more than a trend. One that would go the way of the powder blue tuxedo, and the cheesy novelty cake topper. Instead, the uniqueness and honesty of classic barn weddings have made them into a long-term success story, allowing a couple to truly embrace their funky, down home sides and throw a wedding that’s a true reflection of who they are as a couple.

We’ve all had the experience of going to a friend’s wedding or reception, and siting there in the ballroom or country club dining hall and just feeling that the whole thing was… impersonal. Extravagant, yes. Maybe elegant. But not really reflective of who our friends really are. Stripped of personality.

But Colorado barn weddings are the perfect blank canvas on which to create your wedding day masterpiece. A ranch is easily transformed to meet the couple’s desires and dreams, from down home and casual, to high-end and exclusive.

The important thing is that couples want to share with their guests an experience. They actually want the wedding to be fun. In our case, this fun experience includes plenty of room to wander the grounds, get to know Henry our miniature pony, Pepperoni our mini-steer, chickens and of course our horses (we are, after all, a working ranch).

Consider Hosting Your Big Day at Our Colorado Ranch

Capture a rustic chic wedding style – Our authentic working barn and historic stables are a blank canvas upon which you can express your most romantic wedding desires. You can decide upon your own theme for the decor – from country sophistication, to urban cowboy, to down home dressy. We’ll work with you to customize the entire day to your specifications.

DIY bride? We have you covered – If you have specific ideas about how you want your big day to look, a Colorado barn wedding is the way to go. You can get as hands-on with the details as you’d like – and some of our brides have been really hands-on! From the little decorative details, like cake table decorations or bar favors, to more prominent features like the hanging flowers and tulle on our rustic outdoor wedding cross, barn weddings are great places to express your Instagram-worthy creativity.



Barn weddings in Colorado offer lots of privacy – Our ranch is located on 35 acres, more than a mile from the nearest small town, and hundreds of yards from our nearest neighbors. While we do request that you follow some basic Colorado ranch wedding rules for safety and courtesy, you do have a LOT of wide open space to yourself. So no need to worry about waking other hotel guests, disturbing fellow diners, or making a scene at mom and dad’s country club.

It’s great for kids – Snow Creek Larkspur is proud to accommodate your children, grandchildren, nieces and nephews. We love kids and know that ‘fancier,’ halls aren’t always great for your littlest guests. There are literally acres of room to roam without having to worry about kids getting hurt or damaging anything. We have an onsite playground, and no expensive carpet, furniture or linens to ruin! After all, we’re just a bunch of fun, overgrown kids ourselves.

Looking to shake things up with some cool music? – Don’t settle for the same old blah wedding DJ blues. Do we ever need to hear YMCA again? NO! A barn wedding offers the chance to showcase your true taste in music, from traditional folk and bluegrass – a great choice for a ranch wedding in Colorado – to some truly exceptional acoustic jazz, to fun funk and dance choices. We have had a folk duo, a jazz quintet, and unique playlists dictated by the groom out here at the ranch, and all have been well-loved and contributed to the fun vibe.

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